Shadow the Hedgehog by Chibi Metal
 When you finsh the game of Sonic Adventure you can choose the final boss when you defeat Boilizard, Shadow dies Sonic: "Shadow was a herolic hedgehog........."

Age: 20

  • Shadow falls into earth*

Finshing game: You need:

Finsh Dark Side and Hero Side first!

then a side will be shown:

Final Boss.

Shadow The Hedgehog *PS2* and Sonic 06Edit

Shadow wanted to know his past but Dr. Eggman never told him,

So he sets up an dark and good adventure to save the world from aliens.

You can choose from the Hero Story or the Dark Story or the Nerual Story.

In Hero story Shadow is good, In Dark Story he is bad, In Nerual Story he is both

Andriod, Hedgehog, The Blood of Black Doom.

In the events of Sonic The Hedgehog 2006, Shadow was on Mephiles's tail untill he had to fight him.